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Preparing for a successful newborn session


Here are a few things that will help you prepare for your session…

  • If you are breast feeding it’s a good idea to avoid caffeine, spicy or fast foods 48 hours prior to the appointment.  These foods can prevent baby from sleeping and can also give baby a gassy belly making some of the poses uncomfortable for them.
  • Plan to be at my studio for 2-4 hours.  A typically newborn session will last about 3 hours.
  • Dress baby in an outfit that is easily removed.  Avoid things that need to pull over the head such as onesies.

When you arrive…

  • One of the first thing you will notice upon arrival is the temperature in the studio.  I keep it very warm (around 80-85 degrees).  This will help keep your baby calm and comfortable throughout the session.
  • If your baby is sleeping when you arrive I will ask you to leave them in their car seat.  I will use my own techniques and tricks to get them out & undressed without disturbing them too much : )
  • If baby is not sleeping when you arrive that’s ok…It happens.  I have a lot of soothing tricks and techniques.  I’m also extremely patient and don’t mind waiting for your baby to get sleepy.

Things to bring along…

  • A pacifier if you allow one (A pacifier can really save the day if baby is having a difficult time relaxing)
  • Anything you need for feeding.  If you are bottle feeding I encourage you to bring extra.
  • Feel free to bring along your favorite pastime (eg. Book, laptop, maybe those thank you cards you need to write.)  Posing and soothing newborns can take some time.  This is a great time to rest and relax, however if you don’t like to sit idle too long this one is for you.

What I want you to know…

  • I can almost guarantee that baby will pee, poo, or spit up on the blankets, props, & myself.  This is OK!  It happens daily in my studio.  I expect it and I never want you to feel bad or stressed about it.  I wash all of my items after every session.
  • Keep Calm.  Your baby may cry or need a little extra time to sooth.  This is expected and completely normal.  It’s important that you remain calm…if you are stressed your baby will sense it.
  • All my sessions are styled in advance.  This allows me to be prepared and give my full attention to your baby.  If there is a particular color, prop, or outfit you’d like me to use please let me know before the session, so I can be sure to include that for you.  Sessions are typically styled one day in advance so letting me know prior to that is extremely helpful.
  • Please do not bring other siblings or other children to the session (unless you have booked a Newborn Deluxe session).  This will help ensure a calm and relaxing environment for everyone.
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