9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Newborn Photographer

Looking to hire a newborn photographer in Minnesota? I’ve created this post to help you get started. Finding the right photographer for your newborn session is extremely important. You will be trusting this person to care for and handle your brand-new baby. I personally believe this is an incredible privilege that should not be taken lightly. Each photographer has their own style and their own way of doing things, so it’s important to ask questions and find someone that you feel comfortable with.

Without further ado here are 9 questions that will help you find a reputable, experienced, and professional photographer…

1. How long have you been working with newborns?

An experienced newborn photographer will understand and be able to adapt to your baby’s specific wants and needs. Each baby is uniquely made with their very own personalities. Your baby might prefer a particular side…or maybe they are more comfortable on their tummy or back. Some babies like to be swaddled while others prefer not to be confined. The day of the session your baby could be gassy or have an upset tummy. Maybe they are having a bad day and will fuss no matter what you do. An experienced photographer will know how to handle all these scenarios and more. They have been confronted with various situations like these countless times and will have the ability to be patient, gentle and understanding with your little one.

Tiny Me Photography opened in 2013. Owner and Photographer, Rebecca Cramer, has 10+ years of experience photographing newborns and babies. She has over 600 newborn sessions under her belt. Her gentleness and patients with little ones sets her apart time and time again.

2. What training or education do you have in newborn safety?

When it comes to choosing a newborn photographer, safety needs to be the highest priority! Posing newborns is a skill that takes time and experience. Choosing someone who has invested their time and energy into learning and understanding newborn safety will put your mind at ease. When looking into photographers take a close look at their work. Do they show a diverse portfolio of poses? Do the babies look comfortable and safe?

Over the last 10 years, Rebecca has attended countless workshops and online training courses. Safety has always been her top priority. There is no image that is worth risking the safety of a baby.

3. Is there at time limit on the session? What if my baby is fussy?

Newborn sessions often run long due to the nature of needing frequent soothing. You’ll want to make sure to ask your photographer how much time they have set aside for your session and what will happen if your baby is fussy or having difficulty the day of your session.

Tiny Me Photography does not set time limits on newborn sessions. You can expect a minimum of 2-3 hours in the studio. I do not rush sessions and allow for baby to take as many breaks as needed. Your baby’s comfort and safety are my top priority.

4. Is your business insured? Are you a legal business?

This is such an important question. Any photographer who works with newborns and babies should have liability insurance as well as proper licensing to do business. Having liability insurance demonstrates that a photographer is putting your baby first and doing everything possible to protect them during your session. Making sure you are working with an insured legal business can put your mind at ease, knowing you are working with a true professional and not just a hobbyist.

Tiny Me Photography is an insured LLC and a legal, tax-paying Minnesota business.

5. Can I request poses? Are there poses you are not comfortable to attempt?

There should never be a guarantee for certain poses. A qualified newborn photographer should never promise to do a specific pose. Every baby has their own set of needs, and it’s important to acknowledge and respect that. Some poses require the help of a parent or an assistant…These poses should not be attempted if help is not available.

Rebecca describes her posing style as baby led. She has a thought-out workflow that allows her to work through each pose and adjust or skip poses based on the individual baby. Her years of experience posing newborns has taught her how to pick up on subtle cues from the baby, letting her know something is making them uncomfortable. It is Rebecca’s goal to get as much variety in a session as possible, while keeping your baby comfortable and calm. As long as a baby is safe, happy and content she will work through every pose, so there really isn’t a need for requests.

6. Do you have an assistant or spotter?

As mentioned above…there are certain poses that should not be attempted without help. Some photographers prefer to hire an assistant while others choose to work on their own. This is a great question to ask to ensure you’re comfortable and happy with the way your photographer works.

Rebecca prefers to work on her own asking parents to assist with poses that require help. She has found that parents are the very best and most trustworthy assistants, and most of them enjoy helping out (holding the baby between set ups and spotting a pose or two). Not only does she find this to be a safer option, but it allows her to keep her prices affordable, and limits baby’s fragile immune system from being exposed to more people.

7. Do you do composite images?

Ever wonder how some of the poses are even possible? Like how does a sleepy baby stay balanced with their head propped up on their hands? When done properly and with safety in mind, these poses are composite images. Any pose that puts the baby at risk of startling, falling, or rolling should be done as a composite.

What is a composite you might ask…A composite is when multiple images are combined together in Photoshop to hide whatever is being used to support or hold a baby in position. Composite images are a vital part of posing newborns.

Rebecca has extensive knowledge in Photoshop and years of experience working with composites. She will never hesitate to use a composite if she feels it is necessary to keep a baby safe.

8. Do you sanitize between sessions?

Newborn babies have very fragile immune systems, so it’s important that your photographer understands and follows through with a proper cleaning routine between sessions. Props should be wiped down, fabrics should be washed in hot water, and accessories should be sprayed or wiped. Hand washing is essential as the photographer will be handling and touching your baby a lot.

Rebecca starts every newborn session by thoroughly washing her hands with soap and hot water. Anything that touches the baby (props, fabrics, accessories, etc) are properly washed and sanitized after the session. While it can be inconvenient, Rebecca will always reschedule a session if she is not feeling well.

9. How far in advance should I book?

A very common question with newborn photography is “How can I book a session without knowing exactly when my baby will arrive?” This is a great question and goes hand in hand with knowing how far in advance you need to book. Some photographers take a limited number of sessions each month, so booking in advance is important.

When you book a session with Tiny Me Photography, Rebecca will note your due date and hold space on her calendar for your baby…the actual session date will be schedule after baby arrives. This way the session date can be schedule based on your baby’s age and how delivery went (a difficult deliver might require more recovery time). It is typically best to book a newborn session during your second trimester.

I hope these 9 questions to ask before hiring a newborn photographer help you in your search for a trustworthy professional photographer. If you are interested in booking a session with Rebecca at Tiny Me Photography you can fill out the booking form above. Rebecca is happy to answer any questions that you have. Feel free to reach out…

Contact Me | rebecca@tinymephotography.com | Call or text 763-244-0965.

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