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Preparing for a successful baby session

Baby FAQ


Here are a few things that will help you prepare for your session…

  • It may take some time for your little one to warm up to me. A strange photographer with a big camera and flashing lights can be a little bit intimidating. I understand this, and I always have time to work with your child until they feel comfortable.
  • Not every image will be smiley. Not all babies are super smiley and that’s ok. Some of my favorite images do not include a smile. I will work my best to get those genuine smiles, but I will not push your baby past their comfort level to get smiles.  Those innocence little looks are just as beautiful as the smiley ones.
  • I will run the show.  Remember I am trying to capture a connection. This is not likely to happen if others are trying to make baby smile or laugh.  It is EXTREMELY important that I am the one to earn those adorable faces and smiles.
  • Plan for your session to take about half and hour to 45min.
  • Remember this is a Styled session.  My style is very clean and simple.  I try to select props that will accentuate and not overpower your baby’s personality.   If you see a prop in my gallery that you would like me to use please let me know prior to the session so I can plan for it.  If you have an outfit or prop that you would like to bring along that’s great…please let me know prior to the session so I can plan for it : )
  • Sibling and parent images are not included with baby sessions.  Please do not bring siblings along as they tend to distract baby.

Things to bring along…

  • Bring some favorite toys along. Having some familiar things can help an anxious baby get comfortable a lot quicker.
  • Bring a snack in case your baby gets hungry (please avoid messy snacks…a bottle of milk, sippy cup of water, crackers, & dry cereal are all great options).
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